Easy, healthy eating hacks

The Basics

How do you cook? Do you feel stressed? Are you doing it the right?  
Cooking is an art, but it need not be stressful or too difficult for one to achieve. All you need to do is follow some basics.

Let's begin with the prep. These are small little things that your husband or children can also help you with. Your next 30 minutes or so of cooking will be fun only if you spend 5 minutes doing the prep. So, go for it!

What should I do?
1. Put away the extra utensils.
2. Clean up the work area.
3. Put on some music, if you like.
4. Put on your apron and get started!


That's right! Hi, I'm an active, working mommy and I am cooking simple and special meals for my family. I'm here to share some easy, healthy eating hacks that can help you enjoy not only your yummy food but also have fun while making it. Happy Cooking! Happy Eating!